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Multiskill Construction Engineering(M.C.E) provides a full range of Architectural services for projects that range from small in scale to large and complex. This includes new construction, addition,  renovation, feasibility studies, master plans, and major expansions for a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, public,  cultural, and education. The success of Edifice Multiskill Engineering(E.M.E) is rooted in a common goal to achieve design excellence, smart design solutions, research, and implementation of technological and sustainable advancement in architecture.

Cost & Estimation

Multiskill Construction Engineering(M.C.E) specializas in construction cost estimating. As a specific service or as a part of overall construction management, M.C.E cost estimators provide our clients with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout. M.C.E is equipped to prepare cost estimators and/or verify proposed construction cost at various stages throughout the construction process for projects around the world. By identifying and analyzing the project’s scope, time, cost, quality and performance.

Sewerage & Water Supply

Multiskill Construction Engineering(M.C.E) specializes in  Sewerage and Water supply. As a specific service or as a part of overall system management. We have a team of experts for this job. This system uses pipes to collect and take rain, waste water and  trade water for the treatment and disposal. Landlords and  homeowners must maintain private sewer and their land. They are  responsible for making sure the pipes and sewage plumbing is


Engineering services relating to building design, construction and maintenance have formed a core activity in our operations We offer our clients direct access to a team of highly qualified and  experienced specialists offering construction services in  preliminary work, building design, construction management as . well as construction supervision and maintenance work  MCE has served on almost every type of building project including, domestic housing, schools, hotels, sports centers, offices factories, hospitals and health centers.


Maintenance & Renovation

Multiskill Construction Engineering(M.C.E) operating with the  objective to solve all your maintenance and renovation  requirements expertly. We are a fast growing, dynamic company  with hands of experience in remodeling offices, homes and  buildings. Whether it is a simple repair job or renovation of your complete  home, or it is remodeling of your offices or commercial buildings,  we do it all. With a huge team trained and skilled in their relevant  roles. we are the one stop solution to all your maintenance and  renovation requirements, and your homes, offices or buildings
that are strong, modern and practical.